Miracle of St. George and the Dragon

NIKA TOUR organizes a fascinating journey into the depths of centuries of Russian history - guided tour in the Old Ladoga. The distance from St. Petersburg to Staraya Ladoga only 120 km. which makes it possible to make a private tour during one day.

This is an amazing place where concentrated twelve centuries of Russian history.
Staraya Ladoga occupied a key position in the waterway leading into the depths of Russia from the Baltic Sea and further East at the time of Novgorod and the Hanseatic commerce.

There are top reasons for choosing private tour to Staraya Ladoga:

 Important international center of trade between Europe and Asia in VIII-XIII centuries

 Northernmost port of the ancient Russian state

 Capital of the northern tribes — the Finno-Ugric and Slavonic

 Fortress outpost on the northern border of Russia from IX to XVII centuries

To paraphrase a saying of French kings can say with confidence that the Ladoga (like Paris) worth a mass.

Staraya Ladoga, or as it was called until 1704 - Ladoga, was founded not later than mid-VIII century and further developed continuously at the original location. Even the roads and streets over the centuries have not changed their direction.
In Staraya Ladoga preserved old buildings - monasteries, churches, bell towers, houses, barns - only about 160 monuments of architecture, art, and archeology.

Interesting facts about the ancient city of Ladoga of the late X century — first half of XI century contained in the Old Norse literature — in the sagas and skaldic poetry.
The earliest mention in the sagas of Old Ladoga — about the attack on Aldeigjuborg during a military campaign against Gardariki the Norwegian jarl Eirik, the son of Hakon. The history of this military campaign described in the "Circle of the Earth" and in other literary work created in the 12th century — "the royal sagas" entitled "Beautiful Skin".

The historical center of Staraya Ladoga is a Stone fortress on a high bank of the river Volkhov. A powerful and formidable Ladoga fortress for several centuries reliably defended the western and northern borders of the Russian state and has long been an impregnable barrier to the enemy from the West - the Swedes.
The thickness of the walls of the fortress is 7 m, height 7.12 meters. The height of a three-tiered gun towers was 16-19 meters and the width at the base of 16 - 24.5 meters.

The pearl of Staraya Ladoga can rightly be called the Church of St. George (built in 1165 - 1166), which is located inside the fortress. Experts estimate the frescoes of the church of St. George as one of the highest artistic, refined products of the Greco-Russian art of his era.

To the north of the Stone fortress located Uspensky Nunnery. In XVII century the monastery was elected to prison (from 1718 to 1725) of the former Queen Evdokia Lopukhina, the first wife of Tsar Peter I.

Southern tip of Staraya Ladoga closes Nicholas Monastery. Among the buildings of the monastery stands out amazing and unusual church of St. John Chrysostom, built in 1861-1873 by architect Alexey Gornostaev. The church has a part in the Old Russian style, but at the same time reminiscent of the Romanesque basilica. November 23, 2002 here were brought relics of St. Nicholas is especially revered in Russia. Casket with the relics placed in the chapel of the monastery.

Archeological finds of Staraya Ladoga glorified it as the richest repository of objects and structures of Russian and world history, culture and crafts. The first archaeological excavation in Staraya Ladoga were produced in 1708 and continued until today. Archaeological cultural layer of Staraya Ladoga VIII - XI century is the depth of 3 to 5 meters.

Towers of the Ladoga Fortress - XIV century Church of St. Demetrius of Thessalonica in the Stone fortress of Ladoga Church of St. George (1165 - 1166) View of the Church of St. John the Baptist from the river Volkhov. Built in 1695 Church of the Assumption of Virgin 12th century St. Nicholas Monastery with the Church of St. John Chrysostom The reconstruction of a medieval battle in the area of Old Ladoga

Private tour at Old Ladoga for individuals and groups — duration 8 hours

° Stone fortress of Old Ladoga - fortifications ° Visit the church of St. George ° Visit the wooden church of St. Demetrios ° Walk by the Varangian street known since the second half of VIII century ° Visit the Assumption Convent ° Visit the Monastery of St. Nicholas ° Visit the church of the Nativity of St. John (1695) ° Mounds of VIII-Xth centures on the left bank of the river Volkhov °

Visiting the Church of St. George is possible only in summer time
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