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Russian Ethnographic Park Bogoslovka represent the copies of wooden buildings of the North-West Russia. The reconstruction was done on a strictly scientific basis, using of measurements, drawings, photos, sketches, made with more authentic buildings. Regional Charity "Pokrovsky" Fund, established in 2003, set itself the task to create an ethnographic park with several zones where will be shown religious buildings, houses and farm buildings, everyday life, daily activities and peoples holidays, living in the North-West Russia with time immemorial. Ethnographic Park Bogoslovka is located in the Nevsky Forest Park with a total area of 650 hectares at a distance of 25 kilometers from the center of St. Petersburg.


Compositional center of the Pokrovsky Pogost (settlement) is the twenty-five-domed wooden Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin. The top of its highest cupola stands at 43 meters in height, and the entire multistory structure was erected without a single nail. Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin was built in 1708 in the village Anhimovo, Vologda region. After 6 years, in 1714 on the island of Kizhi was built the world famous wooden church of the Transfiguration of the Lord who is the younger sister of the Church of the Intercession of Holy Virgin.
Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin was destroyed by fire in 1963. But preserved very accurate measurements and drawings which was made in 1956 by Andrey Opolovnikov - academician of architecture, founder of the Kizhi State open-air Museum. These documents formed the basis of the revival of the church in a new location not far from St. Petersburg. Construction of a church was carried on the technology XVII - XVIII centuries. The building material of the Church is pine. The right trees for the construction was found in the forests of Karelia under the Sortavala with a density of 10-12 rings for 1 centimeter. The interior of the Church is made of wood. The icons are painted on wooden boards, icon-case, furniture – all made by the hands of the professional wood carvers and the same tools, which masters used in old times.

On the territory of сhurchyard there is a chapel from the village of Kirillovo, Kargopolsky district, Arkhangelsk region, which was restored in 2009. The restoration project of the chapel was made by the candidate of architecture Andrey Bode.

Still one of the wonders of the North Russian architecture is the bell tower from the Arkhangelsk region, 1670s. Separately standing belfry restored according to the drawings of the Russian scientist and architect V. Suslov. The bell tower was built from January to October 2006.
On the bell tower installed ten church bells made by the International Center of Bells. It is one of the few belfries in the world where the carillon and Russian bells are combined. The weight of the main bell-blagovest is 1320 kilograms. The blagovest is a type of peal in Russian Orthodox bell ringing. Its name means Annunciation or Good News, and is the call to prayer.

In 2010, on the territory of the Ethnographic Park, was reconstructed the house of merchant Kostin. The original house of 1871 was located in the village of Verkhovye in Olonets province and belonged to wealthy peasant Kostin.
The house has two main parts: a residential part intended for people and a household part with a large covered yard with premises for farm animals and barn for storing hay, straw, harness, sleigh and all the smaller items needed in the household.

The territory of the churchyard is surrounded by a fence of the Liadinsky churchyard Kargopol district Arkhangelsk region. Log fence of this type are characteristic of the wooden architecture of the Russian North. They were characteristic of the wooden walls of ancient cities, fortresses, prisons and repeated in a reduced form of their shape and structure.

Russian Ethnographic Park is equally very nice for visiting at all seasons in the year.
The duration of a private tour is 4 hours including transfer by car or minivan there and back.

Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin
Holy Virgin Church
Bell tower
Chapel of the Saviour of the Holy Face
The House of the merchant Kostin
Kostin house